Original Gyotaku Fish Print


Original Sardine Gyotaku

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Sardine Shoal

Gyotaku is a Japanese art form traditionally used by fishermen to record their catch using organic ink and rice paper. The word translates from Japanese as Gyo = Fish and Taku = Print. 

The same techniques have been used to make this artwork. Each sardine has been printed individually from a real fish. As traditional Gyotaku dictates, the eyes have been painted in one by one and each fish is unique. I then cut out every fish before collaging them onto thick card.  Finally, each piece is stamped in red with my unique, personal Hanko Chop (seal) to identify it as my work. 

This piece is now ready to frame. They look particularly beautiful when professionally surface mounted and framed but should also fit in an off the shelf frame with a mount. 

Measurements: 7″ x 9″  

I am happy to send this to a professional framer on your behalf for the extra cost of the framing. Please contact for details. 

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